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Earth Hour :) / Environmental Issues :(


Saturday March 31st, 128 countries around the world participated in Earth’s annual Earth Hour. This years Earth Hour went from 8:30 pm- 9:30 pm. We take an hour per. year and do not use any hydro or electronics.

My teacher, Miss. H, gave our class a challenge: Take on Earth Hour, then change something in your daily life for the better of the Earth. Well I participated in Earth Hour with my family and one of my good friends. We turned off all the lights and electronics, then spent the hour outside. We roasted/ burned marshmallows, of course where I live it’s dark by 8:30 in winter. So we had to watch where we were playing.

Earth Hour by: Earth Hour Global

Earth Hour by: Earth Hour Global

It was quite fun actually, we played tag with light-savers (geeky eh?), hide and go seek, climbed trees, basketball in the dark, etc. When we were playing tag my sister clipped a tree, it was funny. My Mom asked her if the tree was hurt and my sis was like “Ya Mom love you too!”. They were joking but my sister and the tree were fine.

I believe Earth hour is very important. Today Miss. H showed our class pictures of dead see birds decomposing. But that’s not all you could see right into the dead bird’s chest cavity and see all the plastic. These pictures were taken on Midway Island- near Hawaii- by Chris Jordan. Here’s a link: http://scienceblogs.com/bioephemera/2009/10/starving_with_bellies_full_of.php  These Albatrosses digested the plastic believing it to be food, but plastic does not decompose quickly unlike paper products- it can take hundreds of years to decompose. The birds after eating the plastic can become constipated, because of the constipation the birds can’t go to the bathroom. Sometimes if they eat too much plastic it becomes very heavy in their stomachs and they can’t fly to hunt or get away from predators. Which then leads to death.

 Earth Hour by: Earth Hour Global

Earth Hour by: Earth Hour Global

Miss. H also showed us a picture of one of Hawaii’s many beaches. But this one wasn’t clear, beautiful and full of life. It was covered in garbage. Hawaii is surrounded by what is called the South Pacific Garbage Gyre.  As you probably know plastic floats, so when we dump plastic products into the oceans it gets caught in the ocean currents. In the center of the S.P.G.G. there is a giant floating mass of garbage- specifically plastic. Hawaii’s in the middle so the garbage commonly washes up on it’s beaches and costs the island a lot of money to clean up.

I guess my two paragraph banter on garbage doesn’t really have anything to do with shutting off your hydro but I the overall point is to respect your environment. We take advantage of it too much without repaying it. We treat it like poo. Anyway Earth hour was awesome and we should really respect our friend the Earth a lot more!


Earth Hour Link: http://www.information-facts.com/science-2/interesting-facts-on-earth-hour

Earth Hour Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=nrtiuUNnDy4

Earth Hour Youtube Page: http://www.youtube.com/user/earthhour/videos




Okay for the viewers on my blog:

You guys are awesome!

I have gotten above thirty comments…..not a lot…..but they have all been positive and I’ve learned a thing or two.  It spreads from  comments on my blog to me commenting on other student’s blogs and getting responses.

Thank You Note by: woodleywonderworks

Thank You Note by: woodleywonderworks

When you think about it (thinking is learning) you actually learn new stuff all the time. It may not be relevant or apply to your life but it’s still important to know. Like the little flab of skin on your elbow is called a “wenis”, I’m actually not sure if this is true but most students at my school think it is (correct me if I’m wrong please). From my comments I’ve learned how life is in different parts of the world, interesting things about people, I’ve seen some interesting avatars and I’ve had my share of spelling errors pointed out (oops!). I really like talking to different people in different parts of the world because their different. But I’m different too- in my own way. 🙂

I have never gotten a negative comment. I’ve been corrected…..that’s different. I get corrected everyday by anyone that hears or reads my mistakes. I’m not always a positive person….I can be a Negative Nelly. I do appreciate the  non negativity of my comments though.

I appreciate all the students and/or teachers who read my blog- and comment of coarse! Thanks. 🙂 Although I usually only blog for school this post is for my blog’s viewers.

Kailey 🙂


Thank You by: psd

Thank You by: psd


Do You Know What Sucks? Being Bored.


Bored. Boring. Bordom. What is the exact definition of bored? I would tell you but it only comes up with “bore”. So the definition of boring is:

Definition of BORING

: causing boredom : tiresome <a boring lecture>
bor·ing·ly \-iŋ-lē\ adverb
bor·ing·ness noun

Examples of BORING


  1. I find her books totally boring.
  2. <I wish this book weren’t so boring; I keep falling asleep whenever I try to read it.>

Courtesy of  Merriam-Webster dictionary, thanks. Anyway your probably wondering why I’m telling you about bordom because I’m bored. It’s as simple as that. I’m at school now, I was told to blog. But I don’t know what to blog about and that is leaving me bored. Technically I’m not bored any more because I’m blogging but I was bored. It’s a lingering feeling. 

Mega Yawn! By: Eaulive

Mega Yawn! By: Eaulive


If you want you could also give me some ideas of what to blog about, anything really. Or you could tell me about how you get over bordom. I have a theory that bordom leads to lazy-ness which then leaves to not taking proper care of yourself. It’s probably a popular theory. Oh! Maybe I’m not bored but lazy…..that’s highly possible.

Yawn!!! By: Eaulive

Yawn!!! By: Eaulive

Could bordom which leads to lazy-ness then lead to depretion too? What do you think?

Kailey 🙂

P.S: I’m sorry if I just bored you to death!


The Artist evading our Classroom…..


Okay to start I’d like to make myself clear: I don’t love art, I don’t hate art, I just do art. I’m not bad at it either, or so my report card and my Parents say. The kind of art I do enjoy isn’t the painting, sketching or other types along those lines. I like sculpting, weaving (baskets and materials) and doodling. I like colours, if you could see my work you’d see colour. Colours are important, along with textures and being bold in your art. Ann taught my class that, in one of the best ways…..we made masks.  Ann works for a company called Shadowland on Toronto island. She was so nice, so fun to work with and she had the best advice. Here’s a link: http://www.shadowlandtheatre.ca/. Ann said she could teach you to walk on stilts, make masks (like we did) and/or teach us to act.

These were the real deal, full head, paper mashe, sculpted and painted masks. My favorite part? Wearing mine, it was so big- almost four sizes too big for my head- and the character kinda looked like a guy even though it was a girl.  We had to take cardboard, turn it into a head shape, tape features on it out of newspaper, paper mashe over that, paint it and add the final touches (hats, scarves, etc).

We had to make a character out of good old Canadian history, my favorite kind of history. Mine was Mary Ann Shadd Cary. She was a teacher, laywer, woman rights activist, journalist, mom and wife. I’ll just say it know, she looked way better in the picture than on my mask. My mask had cury black hair, pale skin, a squarish face and a turned up nose. I admire Mary Ann Shadd Cary for the work she did and the person she was.

Mary Ann Shadd Cary (the real deal)

Mary Ann Shadd Cary (the real deal)

We also had to put on a skit. That was fun, we got into three groups, two groups of grade sevens and one group of grade eights. The group I was in did a skit about how Laura Seacord found out about the Americans coming in with a surprise attack on the English (aka the Canadians). It was called “Good Old Gossip”. It started out with all of our characters off doing our normal thing, then someone herd about the Americans and what they were planning. Then someone else, another person, some more people and finally Laura Seacord. Laura took two people with her and started running to tell the British.  She ran for kilometers. The two she took got tired and went back to the town after awhile, the towns people (the others and I) were all working to get ready for the conflict that was sure to come. Laura Seacord came back with the British,  the town’s people arose with the British and met the Americans in war. This turned out to be the beginning to the war of 1812. The British won, even though in my opinion you can’t actually win a war. If the Americans had prevailed we wouldn’t have Canada now would we?

It was fun and a challenge. It took us a whole week to make our masks and our skits (we only took half a day to make our skits). Ann worked with us for three periods then worked with another class who made pupets, they were pretty cool too. Miss H (my teacher for anyone who didn’t know) also gave us lots of class time to work on them. Lucky us, thanks Miss H! This is a perfect way to learn history, usually it’s reading out of a book. We’ve done two history events in my class this year that we were evolved in to this level. The historic masks and celebrating Sir John A. Macdonalds birthday- Canada’s first prime minister.

Maybe you could request to your teacher to make masks of historic characters? It counts as drama, art and history, eh? Give it a chance.


ME evaluating MY blog


For our week eight, student blogging challenge number two, I get to evaluate my blog. Yay. This is like those self assessments we have to do for our report cards, blah. I don’t like doing them because I have to think about my self.  Anyway, I was getting a little off topic and negative there, I have made a list of what I’ve done.

Oh no, here comes the blogger By: Bret L.

Oh no, here comes the blogger By: Bret L.

-I’ve posted 23 posts including this one and not including my profile.

-I’ve done 15 for school, I think I may be off by one or two.

-The same 15 post, one or two off again, are set by a challenge.

-I think I’ve done 7 post for fun, plus or minus one or two.

-I’ve had a heart stopping 9 comments from people (you know who you are!).

– Surprisingly my profile! I think it’s because I’m very interesting and because that’s one of the first places I would go if I was checking out somebody else’s blog.

-I think I enjoyed writing “Kailey’s reading blog” the most. This wasn’t actually posted on my blog but it was a paper blog I did in class. It was my first post and I enjoyed writing it because it was a different writing technique that I was just learning. Maybe someday I’ll actually post it, but for now “It’s Rick Roirdan people!” is a little like it.

-I don’t know if you noticed but I only changed my blog theme two times, once win I first started, and then again when I got used to blogging. I changed my theme at first because I wanted to fancy up my blog, and then I thought I’d change that theme and changed it to this one. I must say I really love my current one.

– I believe I have seventeen widgets. I think this is the perfect amount because I was careful to make sure I didn’t get to many so it wouldn’t be to slow to load but I had enough that it was still interesting.

-Overseas students on my blogroll? I have lots of links to those blogs. I have four from across seas. I like these blogs because the students who do them talk and do different things then I do. Difference is a good thing sometimes.

Yay! I’m done with my self evaluation. Do you think my blogs good? I think it is.






My New Years Resolutions

  My personal new years resolutions are to stop overacting when I mess up, I should fix the problem instead of flipping over the problem. To get more sleep instead of reading, watching T.V. or playing Wii all night.  So then I can do my work to the best o my abilities. Do more sports or get involved, to have a healthy life style.
My school and classroom resolutions are to take constructive criticism politely. To talk more and openly express my opinion in French. Organize my thoughts and work to be a productive learner and person.
My family resolutions are to stop arguing in general. Be more tolerent to my sisters. Listen to my parents and sisters.
My resolutions toward our local community are to keep volunteering where help is needed. Also to socialize with people, like saying “hello” instead of just smiling.
My resolutions toward our world are to be aware of our global issue to the day. Also do donate time and sometimes money toward fundraiser around the globe.
      –Kailey 😀
New Years Resolutions By: emkaytsg1

New Years Resolutions By: emkaytsg1

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This is a joke that most “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” fans will understand

"Percy Jackson and the Olympians" fan joke

"Percy Jackson and the Olympians" fan joke

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It’s Rick Roirdan People!

Books By: Frederic della Faille

Books By: Frederic della Faille

My favorite author, ever, is Rick Roirdan. Believe it or not I used to never read, I didn’t hate reading but I couldn’t find a book I liked. In grade……5? I actually turned around completely and fell in love with books. There like really long text messages. I had gotten a book that year from my teacher called Old Yeller by: Fred Gipson. I read the book for a book report and only for that. I ended up really enjoying it. Then my teacher started reading a book called The Lightning Thief by: Rick Roirdan. She started reading it just before March break. She probable got to the 2nd chapter before she had to stop. On March break as soon as I could I went to the book store and bought it, then read it in three days.   I read the whole series, 5 books, in a 3 week period.  Loved them, The Lightning Thief will always be my favorite book. The series goes:

1.Lightning Thief

2. The Sea of Monsters

3.The Titans Curse

4. The Battle of the Labyrinth

5. The Last Olympian

I oh it to Rick Roirdan who started me reading, I am much better at it too. I can read a good sized chapter book in a half a day. Rick Roirdan also does the Kane Chronicles and the Heroes of Mont Olympus. I’ve read most of the books in the series too. I’m impatiently awaiting the release of The Mark of Athena in the Heroes of Mont Olympus Series.


http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=rick+roirdan&oq=rick+roirdan&aq=f&aqi=g-s10&aql=&gs_sm=e&gs_upl=106988l111331l0l111703l12l12l0l1l1l0l480l2994l2-1.3.4l8l0                                           -This link leads to some interviews with him on Youtube.com

http://www.rickriordan.com/home.aspx                                -The online world of Rick Roirdan

http://www.glogster.com/kaileypro11/it-s-rick-roirdan-people-/g-6ltl3s4stn29rsu90p6pdre                         -This is a glog I made on glogster.com, this was my second glog so remember it’s probably not perfect.



My Favorite Colors


My favorite colors are blue, green, dark purple and turquoise. I like the colors blue, green and turquoise because they’re the colors that make up the ocean. I love the colors of the ocean, the way it shines and the way is sparkles. Water is clear when it’s just water, but when you add dirt and scum you get a specific color.  It just depends on that day. I’ve never actually been to the ocean but I’ve seen magnificent pictures and videos. I have seen fresh water lakes before and there always pretty. I love to see it after we have a storm, the sand has all mixed in with the water and it’s a kinda light brown. I also love to see the sandbars, because of the difference in water levels the colors different.

Colours- in French and English By: kaileypro11

Colours- in French and English By: kaileypro11

I like the color purple because it is a soft colour a lot of the time, but dark purple is both hard and soft. It also goes with black and I wear black a lot. I love a lot of the other colors but these colors stick out the most to me.

Diagonal Color By: Patrick Hoesly

Diagonal Color By: Patrick Hoesly

There are an infinite amount of shades of these colors. There’s baby blue or sky blue, grass green or forest green, deep purple or velvet purple and turquoise turquoise is already a shade.

Colors are an everyday thing for a lot of people, but sometimes we don’t use them. I love black and white movies, like the original  Three Stooges. It’s just…. different to have no color, kinda cool. Anyway I love colors, a specially art that’s colorful.

You can make your own word cloud at www.wordle.net . You can learn about rainbows and why we see color at http://eo.ucar.edu/rainbows/. A cool video= Colors of the rainbow Uploaded By: PenguinSong Sung By: ItaloBrothers



What they don’t tell you about starting grade nine- a post written by my sister Emily

Peace By: *Jeffrey*

Peace By: *Jeffrey*

High school, it scares some people, it thrills others and some well we don’t really care. In grade 7 and 8 we learn many things about starting high school. Our teachers tell us that if we don’t pay attention and do our homework we won’t get anywhere. Our parents tell us that if we don’t get good grades we’ll be in big trouble. Our Aunts and Uncles tell us the crazy things they did in high school and all the times our parents got in trouble. Our Grandparents tell us “When I was a boy I walked to school everyday, barefoot in the cold, uphill both ways” over and over again. The truth is that those are basically the same thing they’ve been telling you since grade 1 (because kindergarten doesn’t count) and even though high school may or may not scare you, it still can be fun and even though not every one likes school, There’s something for everyone. For example there’s a drama class, an art class and a music class so even though you need an art credit to get a diploma after 4 years of high school you can chose which one you want to take, plus you only have to take 1 semester of gym, or if you want you can take it all 4 years you can also take classes like auto shop, wood shop, metal works, and food and nutrition (cooking). So as a recap its not all bad, and at lunch you can eat outside while sitting on the cement block the flag pole is coming out of.


P.S: This post contains mature subject matter, just kidding. This was written by my big sister Emily, who took some arguing to convince to write this. She originally wrote “I like carrots.” Like I said she’s special, but I’m thankful that she wrote this in the end.




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